It’s crazy tho, but sometimes I think we all have those imaginary person that somehow infatuating and intriguing us. Make us somehow drawn into them. Heck, what am I? A five-years-old? It seem like I can’t get a grip on my own mind. Let alone stay sane in this real world. Ah hell, I’m long accept that I’m a little crazy… So much a dreamer… -___-

Who are you?
I saw you in my mind
I can’t describe how you looks like
But I can almost feel you

You just like the picture
From those ancient story, about gods,
The son of gods
With perfect face and build
Piercing ayes that send chill down the spine
Very sure of him self
Every meaning of arrogance
Seductive and gentle, wild and innocence
With devil grin and angel smile

You just there
Below the shadow
Under every layer of mist
Calling, waiting,
Haunting every dream and awake
Inviting to come near
To come and seek deeper
To join you
Be with you

What is it about him that make me keep wanting
keep seeing, keep needed
What is it about him that make me blind to this real world?
Who are you?
And why you hide under the protection of sunray?
Under the thick and shadow night?
What is it about me that seems to make you thrill to keep appear in my mind?


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