For better or worse


I’m not a person of talk. God knows I’m not good at showing emotion. But I really hope I can say it. Its tearing me apart and I can’t even bring myself to say it. I can’t even tell why. See their disappointment will kills me. God help me I’m so sorry. I never, never mean to hurt anybody. I never meant this to happened. I just got caught in my emotion, my disappointment. I lost my self. And when I realize I’ve gone too far. I’ve had a dream, but right not at this moment I don’t know anything any more. I don’t even dare too dream. I’m so sorry… Please forgive me, and please don’t worry about me, my future. Just please don’t worry. I’ll try to make everything better. I’ve tried everything. Just promise me, don’t make yourself worry about me. I can’t bear it. I can deal with my own feelings, but yours will kills me. I’m sorry… Oh God I’m so sorry...

Just when I think I know everything
World teach me the other way
Just when I think I already did something
World show me, I gain nothing at all
When I think, this is what I should get
World get me to the place where anyone around has less than me…

I’ve been stubborn
Full of myself, with self rightness
Blame at will.
I’ve been wrong,
I made wrong decision
I take the wrong path and decide not to see at all
To blind with my will,
To blind with wants,
I destroy everything I had

I’ve seen my mistakes
Hope I still have another chance
To prove I can do it too…
To erase all the disappointment I see in everyone eyes
To ease this agony
God help me, I’m really sorry


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