Random Chatter…

Hi,,, what’s up…

Out of blue, here I’am, feels like I need to talking. I just feel extremely mellow these days. I start browsing some country songs this last couple days and those songs are great and makes me too-emotional (:DDDD) Which is I like ^___^.

I’m kinda a weird person actually, I can cry if a song really good even tho the lyrics and meaning not sad at all. I can cry cause impressed with the singer voice, no matter what the song is. My friend accused me for being too emotional but what can I do, I love music so much and I’m so jealous with those singers with beautiful and perfect-keys voice. I’m tone deaf. Not when sing actually, cause I have a pretty good voice (:P) but I can’t read note. I don’t even know the different. I can feel it but can’t recognized A from B, or C from G.

Okay so, I just want to recommended some songs. Songs that I heard recently (Not actually make me cry, just, well, make my chest tighten a bit). And not a new songs too. Hope you like it…

  • Sara Evans – Life without losing
  • Rascal Flatts – Easy
  • Taylor Swift – If this was a movie / Innocent
  • Jason Aldean – Fly Over States
  • Anberlin – The Haunting
  • Nick Carter – Falling Down
  • MBlaq – It’s war

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