If this was a movie…

I heard Taylor Swift – if this was a movie song’s and I felt a little ache inside…

If this was a movie you’d be here by now...


I think of the time
Giving without expecting to be returned
Nothing could be more pleasurable than giving
Coz every happiness held in your eyes
Held in your shine eyes
In your smile
In your laugh
Even if that mean sitting and hearing you talk about another woman
That doesn’t matter
At that time
I still have you
I still can see you
I still can hear you
Still can walk beside you

But time drift slowly
You become every means to me
Become something I never thought before
I can’t see you without hope rising inside
I can’t hear your story without feeling shattered inside

I glimpse interest in your eyes
I heard your whispers when I walk in school gate
I feel your eyes caress me every time you thought I haven’t noticed you
I feel your possessiveness when you keep all your friends to sending every man away from me

But if there’s something real in that, then that’s just disappeared through time
If that’s real, you’ll be with me right now…
If any of that ever real, then how come I feel broken inside?


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