I’m bored. Feeling like want to write out something.
I recall any memory.
Your name appeared first. Always like that.
I’m tired.

Maybe I have to be honest. Thats why I’m not avoid you.
I try to recall anything we ever had.
I see nothing.

Something bothers me.
I don’t feel like there’s something missing between us.
But why I can’t stop thinking about you.

No, I never know what love is. And I’m not dare to say it love.
No, I don’t feel like depressed or crazy coz miss you.
No, I never think about how’s your day.
No, I never feel like lose control to say “how are you?”
But I just keep thinking about you.
I just keep thinking about you everytime I hear those stupid love song.
You are the first person I remember everytime I’m alone.

I think this is what it feels when you lose your mind.
You can’t understand anything


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