String Weeds

Summer wind singing, send the melody through the air…
dancing grass joking with the cloud,
I’m covered in the circle

I string up weeds without knowing that I’m thinking of you
Why I suddenly smile?

They said they can see a thing in my eyes
I guess the birds making joke of me…
They laugh at me… That’s a bad joke…
I look pitiful now…
As I laugh & smile alone

“Enough” I don’t know what it means…
I just want to say “enough”
I know you can feel me.
I know you know that I’m near…
But when we look at each other…
You stare run through me, just like I’m invisible
Am I really wind now?

I don’t know why it’s hurt.
We promised. I promised.
I keep that promised.
Or did I?

I will be a wind so you will know when I’m near.
So you will feel me.
As you wish…
But since when did you turn into wind? Since when you took my place?

I don’t know that this weeds too dry
I keep string it up without knowing that it broke and fall into pieces…
Will you collect the last piece?

I know when you near. I can feel you.
But I can’t catch you nor keep you
I know your wished…
But why I have too cry?


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