Because of Jae Joong

I NEVER like cat before… Tapi karena nie cowok dibawah ini (JaeJoong oppa) sekarang aku sukaaaaaa banget dengan kucing >.< I mean look at him (the cat I mean. His name is Jiji << the cat) He is soooooo cute. So lovely ❀

Now I have tons of cat photos πŸ˜€ and hope someday I can have one too…

Here is some of the photo…


Oh look at them… They’r so cute isn’t it??? ^______________^


2 responses to “Because of Jae Joong

    • IKR ^__^ They are sooo cute and adorable. I cant believe I ever scared cat b4 D:
      Haha… Nice choice πŸ˜€ The yellow one’s really unique…
      If only I really have them in real, maybe I will give you that yellow cat^^

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